Day 1



You are but a poor young rook with no commodities to call your own. Rooks are naturally social creatures, and your neighbours will give you some resources to get you started on your trading career.

Beginning from the middle of the board, in three moves, gather feathers, needles and keys from your charitable peers. Get as many as you can, and be sure to not leave a category empty.

Being a rook, you can only fly in straight horizontal or vertical lines. Click on a square to move to it - or, you can use your keyboard to fly around (for example, press 1 to move to C1, or E to move to E3).

Flying in diagonal lines is an affront to the Bishop, and will not be tolerated in this parliament.
Keep an eye over here, because more advice will appear after each move you make.
You are not logged in. You can continue playing without logging in, but until you do, your game data will exist only in RAM, lasting a day at most, to remind us that all states of matter and energy are temporary.

If you log in or create a new account, you can permanently save your high scores, achievements and unlock points, proceed further in the game, and hide this dumb notice.

Well, by "Permanently," I mean "I'll put it on the hard drive." Nothing is truly permanent.